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My latest project is ADS-B receiving and of course decoding, see here.

One of my latest projects was the MARES dive computer IRIS compatible interface. Sorry to say that due to vertigo attacks (at any depth) I had to stop diving.

Current personal topics include a short description of myself, the renovation of the house I bought and the horse I own. 

Definitely more interesting stuff can be found under Electronics. 

The Ham area contains my latest project: An ADS-B receiver for decoding airplanes.

Also information on my older project to build a link running at 115200baud RS232 using QPSK modulation and 3/4 FEC. I have also started to write about a link I am trying to build which transmits 10BaseT Ethernet signals using BPSK at 10 GHz. However I am now pretty much convinced that for High Speed Data an error correction scheme is a must. As the system used for digital satellite TV is ideal and receiver cards (doing all the hard work) can be had in the supermarket, I have decided to follow this route for the moment. The IP gateway needed to do this is well under way and the QPSK modulator is ongoing.

In my PIC area you will find an old program that decodes Philips type remotes that use the RC5 code. This pretty much universal code is decoded using the interrupt capabilities of the PIC processor so it runs "in the background".

My definite favorite is currently the Atmel AVR series. Other favorites are MCS51 compatible 89AT2051 and the AT89S8252. Check out the MCS51 area for connecting a hard disk, an ethernet or a graphic T6963 based LCD display. I used to like the PICs also but AVRs just top the lot. For just €1.20 I get a Atmega48-20 which runs at 20 MHz and makes ADS-B reception easy.

Also great fun are CPLDs from Xilinx as all you need is available for free on their site including how to build you own JTAG cable !!!

If you have storage problems for your electronic components you should check out Other.

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