DVB IP Gateway

The 10Mbit/sec ethernet version

Still under development ...

The 115200 kbit/sec version

This project is now well under way and works fine. The modulator which will do DVB-S (QPSK with viterbi and RS) is still being developed. The gateway uses a Linux PC with a SLIP connection as a source and will modify the data to encapsulate it using the DVB mechanism so it can be received with commercial satellite receiver cards. PMT, PAT and SDT tables are transmitted as well so the data stream can be scanned by the receiver.

The controller used is a simple AT89S8252 Atmel MCS51 compatible chip and the other major component is a Cypress CY7B923 Hotlink Transmitter. As you can see on the Rhode&Schwarz DVB Analyser all you need is in the data stream:

More to come as if I can interface with ethernet 10baseT it would be ideal as it has such a good error correction scheme (a dream for radio amateurs)...