The 8032-AH-Basic was probably my first taste of embedded controllers. I did do a bid of Z80ing before but that was because I wanted to know what made my rubber keyboard speccy tick!

I feel very comfortable with these devices as they have more to offer than a PIC even if they may be slower. Much apreaciated is the interrupt structure of the MCS51 family as you could run a clock and a serial interface in software (impossible with a PIC as interrupt priorities is not implemented). This dilema is also solved by the fact that the MCS51 controllers already have a UART.

Current projects:

A CS8900A based embedded ethernet controller for my 80C32 controller board.

An 89AT8252 based MP3 player for the car part1 and part2 featuring ethernet, laptop HDD, mp3 decoder, ...

A simple IDE interface for MCS51 controllers as used in the player.

Using a T6963 based graphic LCD display.