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Links to friends and colleagues:  
Jens Krause Jens presents the Büchelberg
Marc Welter Marc can get carried away with his photography ...
Rosi Lauber Where is Büchelberg?
Thomas Welter Thomas spends his time with telecom regulations.
John Christovassilis This guy now has his own homepage !
Monika Grünwald Monika likes books, food and good music.
Vincent Danjean Wish I knew what he was up to these days ...
Links to electronics:  
BA1FB Simple AT90C2051 programmer.
Gary T. Desrosiers Has original embedded ethernet controller design.
Amateur Radio links:  
RSGB Can thoroughly recommend the Microwave Site
Fun links:
Nothing here yet
Link to where I work:  
Société Européenne des Satellites