Renovating an old Luxembourgish farm house
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Houses here in Luxembourg are few and far between when it gets to anything slightly out of the ordinary. The sort of house I was looking for would have to be renovated so as not to cost a bomb and would have to have a barn and/or stables for at least two horses. After looking for a house for over a year here in Luxembourg and choking on the price tags I came up with the following. The price was honest (for Luxembourg), it is in a nice area not far from town and the inside is very cozy as it was lived in. It doesn't have a central heating system and this will be my first priority before moving in in autumn. The roof is in an OK condition, two of the main beams of the house need treating against worm (in oak, so no fear there). The final plan is to redo the roof with the old tiles so I need to find someone who doesn't want the sort of old red tiles that must have been on the roof just like the ones still present on the barn roof.

To see how things are getting on follow this link and this link.
Front of house, with barn entrance, and old house (right of picture). The bit just hanging on to the right could take the hay and straw for the horses.
Back of house. This will have a patio and the half visible window will be changed to to a door opening up the kitchen.
Back of barn. The shack on the right of the barn will be torn down and the first floor of the barn will be made into a games room with a snooker table. If I get the building permit, I will also have a terrace here!
The whole thing viewed from a distance showing the depth of the "garden".
Anybody turning up here for any reason whatever will be given something to do, you have been warned!