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Which tuners do and which do not work with the very simple ADSB receiver?
The Key to demodulating a non FM signal with an FM demodulator is to move the signal off your center.
Not all demodulator chips will demodulate your signal.
So far all tuners based on the Philips TDA8012 demodulator have worked.

SAD NEWS: I have tested 2 tuners (BSJE3-159A and TBCE18110ID) and can confidently say that Tuners based on Toshiba TA8754A and TA8804F demodulator no not work. Sorry!
Good News !!! BSJE series should work, Toshiba demodulators are OK, but you need to solder a pin in the tuner ... read more here.

Receiver List

FUBA ODE646 (Twin)ALPS BSJE3-120A (x2) - Maybe modify untested ???
Kathrein UFD93 (Twin)ALPS BSJE3-1A2B (x2) - No (3 wire PLL chip) - But OSD chip!
Technisat ST3002ALPS BSJE3-432A - No
Grundig GRD300Unkown - No Toshiba
Technisat AX1 (ADR)ALPS BSJE3-565A - Maybe modify untested ???
ALPS BSJE3-159A - modify (Tested OK, range 200 km)
ALPS BSDE8-117A - No as IF output
ALPS BSJE3-117A - Maybe modify untested ???
ALPS BSJE2-113A - Maybe modify untested, also no PLL, use fixed voltage tuning ???
SALCOMP SXT4002 - Under investigation, has Philips Demod
SAMSUNG TBCE18110ID - Maybe modify (untested) as TA8804F
COMTECH BSU479TAIO - Maybe modify (untested, but no pinout!) as TA8804F

ALPS BSKE5-101A (works, tune to 1074 MHz)


Origin: www.pollin.de (sold out)
Demod: TDA8012
Datasheet: BSKE-5 series
PLL voltage for 1090 MHz: ca. 3.5 Volts (5V for pin 11 OK)

BSKE5-101A FrontBSKE5-101A Back
This is the original tuner I used for this project. An external variable attenuator is the obvious solution to bring the Demod to the right level. Disconnecting the pin and putting a wire to the "P3" pin 10 of the tuner is tricky as there is very little space. As you can see from the pictures pin 9 AGCO for the demodulator is exactly below a piece of shielding making access very tricky.

ALPS BSJE2-113A (modify) should work with minor modification, see here


Origin: unkown
PLL: none? uses prescaler ?
Demod: TA8754A (Feb. 2010: Toshiba demod not yet tested in this design, Datasheet unfindable, please help!)
Datasheet: Not found

BSKE5-101A FrontBSKE5-101A Back
Tuner sent by Antonio

ALPS BSDE8-117A (NO, not suitable, IF output only)


Origin: unkown
PLL: SP5659
Demod: None 479.5 MHz IF output.
Datasheet: BSDE8-117A

BSKE5-101A FrontBSKE5-101A Back
Tuner sent by Antonio

SALCOMP SXT4002 (maybe!)


Origin: unkown
Demod: TDA8012
Datasheet: None, please help, this is a candidate ...

BSKE5-101A FrontBSKE5-101A Back
Tuner sent by Antonio. So far I could guess

Pin 1 : LNB
Pin 2 : No Connection
Pin 3 : 12 Volt ?
Pin 4 : 30 Volt
Pin 5 : AGC ???
Pin 6 : +5V to TSA5055 and TDA8012
Pin 7 : NF of TDA8012
Pin 8 : P6 of TSA5055
Pin 9 : Video of TDA8012 via 200 Ohms
Pin 10: P3 of TSA5055
Pin 11: P7 of TSA5055
Pin 12: I2C
Pin 13: I2C

This tuner has the right stuff. Also the Demod frequency is tunable. Please provide more info for this tuner.

PHILIPS SF1218C MK2 (works, tune to 1080  MHz)


Origin: unkown, but I'm shure I've seen these before. Will keep my eyes open.
Demod: TDA8012
Datasheet: Found a datasheet of the SF1216 series on the web which should provide enough info. I suppose the SF1218  went to 2150 instead of 2050 MHz.
PLL voltage for 1090 MHz: ca. 2.3 Volts (5V for pin 7 OK).
PLL voltage available on big Via left of Xtal (on picture below) between ground plane and smaller Via.
PLL voltage measurement point has no visible connection on upper PCB side.

BSKE5-101A FrontBSKE5-101A Back
Tuner found on old circuit board of receiver. Tuner has 2 RF inputs. Voltages are 5 Volts only and V for tuning. My second receiver uses this one.
This tuner has the right stuff.
Tune to 1080 MHz, range over 200 km radius with extenal antenna with preamp, use min 6dB attenuator, better 12dB.
This receiver will go to Antonio (thanks for the tuners).

SAMSUNG TBCE18110ID (modify) see here.

TBCE18110ID Closed

Origin: unkown.
Demod: TA8804F (Toshiba)
Datasheet: None

TBCE18110ID FrontTBCE18110ID Back
Tuner sent by Antonio. From a russian pinout of a TBVE18227IT I have copied:

Pin 1 : LNB
Pin 2 : NC
Pin 3 : NC
Pin 4 : NC
Pin 5 : NC
Pin 6 : NC
Pin 7 : L/T
Pin 8 : AFT
Pin 9 : AGC
Pin 10: +5V
Pin 11: B/B
Pin 12: BW/SW
Pin 13: NC
Pin 14: NC
Pin 15: VT
Pin 16: SCL
Pin 17: SDA
Pin 18: P3 / Address

Also this circuit from a Grundig receiver gives some hints:
Grunid circuit
This tuner has the right PLL but the wrong Demodutator.

Please provide info on your tuners ...