ALPS BSJE series should work

Finally the news everyone was waiting for!

OK, I have tried this on a BSJE3-159A only. This chip uses a TA8754AF. But I got the idea from the TA8804 datasheet, so it should work with Toshiba demodulators.
The signal on pin 19 is called "Signal Level Voltage Output". Make sure the pin is not connected, it was open ended in my case.


It does not require low pass filtering as it is already borderline when I viewed it on the Oscilloscope.
Performance is just below that of a TDA8012 base Tuner. Say 200 instead of 300 km range.
You will need a steady hand to solder a thin wire to this connection.

The circuit is so simple, to connect this pin 19 to the Atmel is as follows:

BSJE circuit

The software / firmware stays the same.
It seems no attenuators are needed for this version!