This project could not have been realised in such short time had it not been for the embedded ethernet project by Gary T. Desrosiers. I have been wanting to do a thing like this for a long time but could not find the right compomenents to do the job. Anybody having an interest in reading this page should visit Gary's page first. I got the CS8900A shipped to Luxembourg by Insight Electronics and the transformers by Moritz Designs' as part of the mp3kit (they also have the CS8900A quoted but at the time they were sold out). In Europe you might try Maplin, they will sell single quantities.

Larger versions of the photographic masks of the circuit board can be had by clicking on the images below

The final result looks like this

Printing these on thick tracing paper produces usable results. Trough plating was done using 0.6mm rivets. The CS8900A was soldered with solder and ignoring the shorts. Going over the pins with desolder wick then produces a neat finish. The circuit can be found in the Technical Reference Manual of the CS8900A on the Cirrus Logic web site.

I am currently still working on the code which is based and Gary's PIC code. So far it will respond to an ARP and a ICMP PING and will also "fake" receive a UDP TFTP file. To compile the code use TASM. TASM is a great compiler for many different processors, it is available throughout the Net and it has the advantage of letting you use macros.