Appendix D. Random Bits

Table of Contents

D.1. Linux Devices
D.1.1. Setting Up Your Mouse
D.2. Disk Space Needed for Tasks
D.3. Disk Space Needed
D.4. Installing Ubuntu from a Unix/Linux System
D.4.1. Getting Started
D.4.2. Install debootstrap
D.4.3. Run debootstrap
D.4.4. Configure The Base System
D.4.5. Install a Kernel
D.4.6. Set up the Boot Loader
D.4.7. Finishing touches
D.4.8. Create a User
D.4.9. Install the Ubuntu Desktop
D.5. Installing Ubuntu over Parallel Line IP (PLIP)
D.5.1. Requirements
D.5.2. Setting up source
D.5.3. Installing target
D.6. Installing Ubuntu using PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
D.7. The Graphical Installer
D.7.1. Using the graphical installer
D.7.2. Known issues