Appendix B. Automating the installation using preseeding

Table of Contents

B.1. Introduction
B.1.1. Preseeding methods
B.1.2. Limitations
B.2. Using preseeding
B.2.1. Loading the preconfiguration file
B.2.2. Using boot parameters to preseed questions
B.2.3. Auto mode
B.2.4. Aliases useful with preseeding
B.2.5. Using a DHCP server to specify preconfiguration files
B.3. Creating a preconfiguration file
B.4. Contents of the preconfiguration file (for lucid)
B.4.1. Localization
B.4.2. Network configuration
B.4.3. Mirror settings
B.4.4. Clock and time zone setup
B.4.5. Partitioning
B.4.6. Partitioning using RAID
B.4.7. Controlling how partitions are mounted
B.4.8. Base system installation
B.4.9. Account setup
B.4.10. Apt setup
B.4.11. Package selection
B.4.12. Boot loader installation
B.4.13. Finishing up the installation
B.4.14. X configuration
B.4.15. Preseeding other packages
B.5. Advanced options
B.5.1. Running custom commands during the installation
B.5.2. Using preseeding to change default values
B.5.3. Chainloading preconfiguration files

This appendix explains how to preseed answers to questions in debian-installer to automate your installation.

The configuration fragments used in this appendix are also available as an example preconfiguration file from ../example-preseed.txt.