Network printing circuit

Network printing involves the following subsystems:

  1. The LPRng print server: This service directly drives the printers

    Four types of printers are supported:

    1. Parallel port printers directly attached to ltnb0, such as lpkeller
    2. HP Jet-direct printers, which have their own integrated lpd print server (in a certain number of classrooms).
    3. Printers attached to other Unix machines, where another LPRng or lpd server is running (such as the printers in conférence).
    4. Printers attached to Windows machines.
    5. The pdfwrite virtual printer, which transforms the document into pdf (mailed back to sender), rather than physically printing it.
    All printers are defined in the /etc/printcap file.
  2. Samba server: forwards print requests from Windows clients to LPRng. All "print" shares which are supposed to be accessible from Windows should be defined in /etc/smb.conf
  3. Unix clients: connect directly to LPRng
  4. Windows clients: connect via Samba
  5. Smbclient is used to connect back to printers attached to Windows machines.
  6. Pdfwrite transforms print job into a PDF file, and injects it into mail system.

Needed cisco ports

As network printing is a purely internal service, no Cisco ports need to be open for this.